Update Rollup 2 for SC 2012 SP1 released

April 9, 2013 Posted by Anders Asp

The Update Rollup 2 for System Center Service Pack 1 has just been released.

Here’s the patch notes for Service Manager.

Service Manager (KB2828618)

Issue 1
If the number of “Manual Activities” that are displayed in the Service Manager Portal exceeds a certain limit, page loads may time out and do not render correctly. This results in a blank page.

Issue 2
Incorrect cleanup of a custom related type causes grooming on the EntityChangeLog table to stall. This causes the table to grow significantly.

Issue 3
Service requests complete unexpectedly because of a race condition between workflows.

Issue 4
The console crashes when you double-click a parent incident link on an extended incident class.

Issue 5
PowerShell tasks that were created by using the authoring tool do not run because of an incorrect reference to certain assemblies.

Issue 6
The Exchange management pack is stuck in a Pending state after management pack synchronization.

So we have fixes for several bugs, where I’d say that Issue 3 is the one that caused me most pain.

I’ve not been able to test it yet and won’t be able to do so until I get back home from the MMS in Vegas, but if I find anything unexpected I’ll update this post.

Note that it doesn’t look like that the Exchange connector is included in the UR itself, so my guess is that we’ll see it as a separate download.

See this link for all details:

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