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Parent incident suggestion function

February 13, 2012 Posted by Anders Asp

A new feature in Service Manager 2012 is the ability to create parent and child incidents. You’re probably already aware of this and how it works, but if you want to read more about it, I suggest you take a look at Marcels blogpost here:

Anyway, the other day when I was demoing this feature for a customer, I discovered a new function. Let’s say you have one or more parent incidents in your system, and you are about to register a new incident. When you select a category on this new incident, Service Manager will look for any parent incidents that are registered with the same category and ask if you want to relate this incident to that parent, like this:

And if you have more than one parent incident in the same category, it will be shown as this:

Isn’t that a cool and really useful function? šŸ˜€
Let’s hope forĀ something similar for relatingĀ incidents to problem records in the future!