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Still got memory issues after applying UR3?

November 20, 2012 Posted by Anders Asp

A while back Update Rollup 3 for Service Manager were released and the big fix were the memory leak issue. Many companies have applied this patch and report that they didn’t notice any difference, and well… Here’s why:

In System Center 2012 Update Rollup 3, we had indicated that the console memory issues that had been reported were fixed.  Unfortunately, there was a mix up in some of the binaries that were packaged in the update rollup where the original binaries were packaged instead of the fixed binaries.  Update Rollup 3 (UR3) for System Center 2012 – Service Manager does NOT address the following memory leaks:

· Memory leak in Service Manager 2012 console when opening/closing incidents

· Service Manager 2012 console crashes with an OutOfMemoryException because of form control objects rooted in the GC heap

· Poor Service Manager 2012 console performance when opening incident forms with the console is open through Citrix

We are preparing an updated Update Rollup 3 package that will include the correct binaries that will fix the above issues.  This updated package will be released in the next few weeks and we will announce its availability here on the blog.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion/hassle.

Source (Official Service Manager blog):