Welcome to scsm.se!

My name is Anders Asp and I started this blog together with a friend and collegue of mine named Stefan Allansson. Together we’ll be blogging about Service Manager.

I’ve been working with Service Manager since early 2009 when it still was in beta stage and today I work as a consultant on the product in a Swedish company called Lumagate (www.lumagate.com). My goal with this blog is to provide useful information to the community so we can enhance and understand the product better.

Stefan is also a Service Manager consultant at Lumagate, and has been working with the product since early 2010.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on what we should blog about, please write a comment below.

Note: All posts on this blog is our personal opinion, and is provided “as is”. We do not give any warranties or take responsiblity for any errors that might occur.

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