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Update Rollup 7 released – includes the write collision fix!

July 29, 2015 Posted by Anders Asp

Today is a big day! Not only was Windows 10 released today but also Update Rollup 7 for SCSM. Why is UR7 such a big deal? Well, among other things, it contains a fix for the write collision issue that’s been in the product since day 1! (See this post for more information about the “error”:


After applying UR7, you shouldn’t be getting the error above if the WI you’re working with is updated by someone or something else (such as a workflow) while you still haven’t saved your changes. Instead your update will be merged with the other update.

Example: If User A and User B works with the same Incident, let’s call it IR1234, and User A updates the Title while User B still have the Incident form opened. User A presses OK and moves along to the next case. User B has now updated the same Incident, IR1234, with a new Description. Remember, the Title change that User A did is not yet reflected on the form, since User B had the form opened when User A updated this! Previously when User B pressed OK or Apply the error above would be thrown, but now with UR7 applied the update will be commited, and the form would be updated to also reflect the update to Title that was commited by User A. To highlight that this merge of data has been done, the form will display a piece of information in the top of the form, just like this.


The only exception to this would be if User A and User B actually updates the exact same property. In that case, the old data collision error will still occur. To get more information about write collision fix, see this official blogpost:

To get UR 7 and to read about all the fixes, go here: