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Data Warehouse upgrade fails with _MPProcessorDeferred error

April 1, 2020 Posted by Alexander Axberg

I ran into this error when upgrading the Data Warehouse from 2016 to 2019, at the stage when the import of new Management Packs begins.
The installation fails with the error: An error occurred while executing a custom action:_MPProcessorDeferred Upgrade failed after making permanent changes to this management server. A disaster recovery procedure will be necessary to rebuild this machine before attempting upgrade again. Consult the User Guide to determine which action to take next.
and the rolls back the installation.

The problem:
After looking in the SCSMInstall.log file, the installation failed due to a mismatch of collations.
This was caused by 2 columns in a table the DWStagingAndConfig database somehow had changed collation, that differs from the rest of the database.

The solution:

  1. Run a query against the DWStagingAndConfig database to find which table that contains the columns with wrong collation with the following query:
    SELECT, col.collation_name, OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as ‘table’ FROM sys.columns col order by col.collation_name desc
  2. Find the columns with the mismatched collation and reset it to the correct one with, and make sure you set the correct data type and length:
    ALTER TABLE <tablename> ALTER COLUMN <columnname> nvarchar(255) COLLATE <correct collation>
  3. If you have a view with wrong collation (begins with: MTV), then (after updating all tables) just execute a: ALTER To->New Query, without changing anything, and the collation will be updated.
  4. If the installation continues to fail during the stage where the new Management Packs are imported, it could be due to some of the installation files already got updated. When the MSI is trying to update the MP/MPBS in the installation folder for SCSM (c:\program files\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager\), the created date and modified date has to be the same. If a previous installation has replaced them, the modified date may be newer. In that case just delete those files from the installation folder before running the installer.