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This page contains useful information and links for Service Manager that doesn’t really fit into a blogpost.

Official forums on TechNet:

Official blog:

Official documentation on Technet:

Service Manager TechNet gallery:

What version do I have installed?

Open the Service Manager console and go to Help -> About System Center Service Manager, to see what version you have installed.

Version (numeric) Version (name)
7.0.5826.0 SCSM 2010 RTM
7.0.5826.859 SCSM 2010 RTM with CU1 applied
7.0.5826.881 SCSM 2010 RTM with CU2 applied
7.0.5826.886 SCSM 2010 RTM with CU3 applied
7.0.6555.0 SCSM 2010 SP1
7.0.6555.101 SCSM 2010 SP1 with CU1 applied
7.0.6555.115 SCSM 2010 SP1 with CU2 applied
7.0.6555.128 SCSM 2010 SP1 with CU3 applied
7.5.1464.0 SCSM 2012 RC
7.5.1561.0 SCSM 2012 RTM
7.5.1561.106 SCSM 2012 UR 2
7.5.1561.112 SCSM 2012 UR 3
7.5.1561.116 SCSM 2012 UR 3 Re-Release
7.5.2905.0 SCSM 2012 SP1
7.5.2905.125 SCSM 2012 SP1 UR2
7.5.2905.158 SCSM 2012 SP1 UR4
7.5.3079.0 SCSM 2012R2 RTM
7.5.3079.61 SCSM 2012R2 UR2
7.5.3079.148 SCSM 2012R2 UR3
7.5.3079.236 SCSM 2012R2 UR4
7.5.3079.367 SCSM 2012R2 UR6
7.5.3079.442 SCSM 2012R2 UR7
7.5.3079.507 SCSM 2012R2 UR8 (HTML5 Portal)
7.5.3079.571 SCSM 2012R2 UR9 (First release, withdrawn)
7.5.3079.607 SCSM 2012R2 UR9 (2nd release)
7.5.3079.768 SCSM 2012R2 UR14
7.5.4108.0 SCSM 2016
7.5.7487.34 SCSM 2016 UR2
7.5.7487.64 SCSM 2016 UR3
7.5.7487.89 SCSM 2016 UR4
7.5.7487.130 SCSM 2016 UR5
7.5.7487.161 SCSM 2016 UR7
7.5.7487.176 SCSM 2016 UR8 SCSM 1801 SCSM 1807
10.19.1035.0 SCSM 2019
10.19.1035.73 SCSM 2019 UR1
10.19.1035.101 SCSM 2019 UR2

Service Manager 2012 – Where do I get…

– System Center 2012 – Service Manager?

Download here:
A valid TechNet subscription is needed

– The Exchange Connector v.3.1?

Download here:

– The Technical Documentation?

Download here:
Read it online here:

– The Authoring Tool?

Download here:

– The IT GRC MP?

Download here:

– The Orchestrator Integration Pack for Service Manager 2012?

Download here:


Service Manager 2010 – Where do I get…

– System Center Service Manager (SP1) Evaluation?

Download here:
An evaluation installation cannot be upgraded to retail/full version!

– The Exchange connector?

Download here:
Read more here:

– The source code for the Self-Service Portal?

Download here:
Read more here:

– The Authoring Tool?

Download here:

– The Dashboards?

Download here:
Read more here:

– The Service Manager SDK documentation?

Download here:

– The Service Manager management pack for SCOM?

Download here:
Read more here:

– The Governance, Risk and Compliace management pack?

Download here:
Read more here:

6 Responses to Useful SCSM info

  1. Mats says:

    Hejsan där, sitter och läser eran bok, var kan man få tag på Custom.ServiceRequest.Library? /Mats

    • Anders Asp says:

      Hej Mats,

      Det är ett MP som en medförfattare skapade under skrivprocessen när han författade. Vad vill du med det MPet till, något speciellt du vill se eller komma åt?

  2. Pingback: System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Build Numbers | Jason W. Rutherford

  3. Francis Fairley says:

    I need to e-mail Business Service owner,contact,customer, and affected users when a Change Request is entered for a specific computer that has the business service related to it. So many object properties cannot find the right ones. Any ideas? Here’s what I’ve got.

    Microsoft Service Manager 2012
    Using the Service Manager Console
    Configuration Item
    Business service – Service Map (VaporWare2)
    Service owner – valid person entered
    Service contact – valid person entered
    Service customer – valid person entered
    Affected Users – valid person entered
    All Windows Computers
    For the specific computer – ABCWin7 (selected)
    Related Items tab
    Configuration Items: Computers, Services, People
    VaporWare2 Business Service (added this service)

    Note: after I related the VaporWare2 business service to the ABCWin7 computer I can see the ABCWin7 computer as a related item in the business service for VaporWare2. So both CIs are related to one another.

    I want to go to the Configuration Item-Computers-All Windows Computers- for the specific computer ABCWin7 and create a Change Request and have an e-mail notification sent to the Service Owner, Service Contact, Service Customer, and Affected Users of the VaporWare2 business service.

    I have an e-mail Template and Subscription setup. I am using Related Recipients in the subscription but there are so many object properties with the change request that I can’t figure out which properties I need to send an e-mail to the business service owner, contact, customer, and affected users.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

  4. Sunil Prasad says:

    Hi Team,

    Is it possible to hide Incident Source “Phone” from Incident Management forms. We don’t use this functionality and I want to hide this so we have correct reporting in our busines and against individaul analyst


  5. Anders Asp says:

    No sorry, not in a supported way. The best way to workaround it would be to rename it as something else.


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