Update Rollup 3 for SCSM released

October 10, 2012 Posted by Anders Asp

Update 20/11-2012,
Please see this post: http://www.scsm.se/?p=986

In short: Memory issues seems to be resolved, yay 🙂

Here’s the complete patch notes (copied from Microsoft):

  • Memory leak in the Service Manager 2012 Console when opening/closing Incidents
  • Service Manager 2012 Console crashes with an OutOfMemoryException because of form control objects rooted in the GC heap
  • Portal: In portal if user changes sharepoint site language to Turkish, language invariant (English) language pack display strings are returned
  • Poor Service Manager 2012 Console Performance when opening Incident Forms when the Console is open through Citrix

Read more and download UR3 here:

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