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January 27, 2013 Posted by Anders Asp

I often hear customers asking for an easier way to see all their active Work Items and if it’s possible to create a “My Work Items” view. The answer to this question is both yes and no.

Yes, it’s possible to create a “My Work Items” view, the thing is that you will not be able to filter out the closed Work Items for each class. Why? Because the Status property is not a property on the Work Item class itself, but rather a property of each and every class underneath Work Item (such as Incident, Problem, Change etc.).

For more details, please see this post including the comments written in it:

There are some third party vendors that have observed this “issue” though and created their own solutions for this.

For instance:

I’m sure all the solutions above works great, but the downside is that you will have to pay some money to get it. So what are the alternatives for those of us who don’t want to pay for this and are unable to develop something like this ourselves? Well, using nothing but Service Manager and Notepad, one of your best bets might look like this:


Now, this doesn’t give you one single view to look at, but instead of having the different “My …” views spread out through the console, I’ve gathered them all in a single place. The upside with using several views instead of one common, is that we are able to create richer views for each process. You can display very specific details for each process in the different views – something that wouldn’t work in one common view because it would be way to cluttered.

My Incidents

My Review Activities

If you want to use this approach you can download the complete MP here (updated 2013-09-20):

26 Responses to My Work Items

  1. Nice Solution Anders …


  2. Josh Schmiedel says:

    Great solution! Another step in the right direction. I wonder though, is there any way to make the criteria dynamically show requests that are assigned to a Support Group instead of the ‘Assigned To'(self) user?

    This would be a huge win for our teams.

  3. Aengus Moran says:

    Thanks Anders!

  4. Andreas Baumgarten says:


  5. Anders Asp says:

    If you want anything added to the views, please drop a comment here. I got an e-mail requesting me to add the Affected User of the Parent WI for Activities, so I’ll try to add that when I get the time.


  6. Rob C says:

    Good job Anders. I will play with it and ask questions.

  7. Jamin Almond says:

    I would like to see the [mygoups] token added. Can you do the token via XML ?

  8. Filip says:


    I have a question – is there a way to build a view where i can see incidents where Affected Users are users which have me as their Manager? I suppose it can be possible through System.UserManagesUser?


  9. Andy says:

    Hi Anders

    Create Job! I like to change the view to not show Closed and Resolved Incidents. How to i get the GUID’s from the different Status?


  10. Audrey says:

    I also need to make a view like this that shows by group instead of by me. How can I do that? It seems like it would be possible. You mentioned having to do it in VS? Is there a way to do it in the XML?

    • Anders Asp says:

      What do you mean by groups? [mygroups] or Support Group? [mygroups] is in there already, but if you are refering to Support Groups you can’t do that from SCSM itself. Why? Well you are not able to define members of each support group within SCSM so you would have to develop something of your own to do this.


      • Filip says:

        There is a way – in Administration > Security > User Roles you can add group (for example SCSM_Hardware) and as member of this user role You add a group from AD.

        Of cource User Role name must match name with Your Support Groups


  11. Khaledmgz says:

    Can you modify this management pack to list also all Work Items assigned to my groups ?

  12. Mike R says:

    Thank you so much!

  13. Fragiskos says:

    Very good. Good job

  14. Chris says:

    This is a long shot as this is fairly old now. I’m trying to import this, but it’s simply not adding in the ‘My work items’ to the left column.

    Any ideas? I can see the MP in SM, so it’s there. But it’s not doing as it’s designed. Thanks

  15. Chris Pierce says:

    Thank you – this is a great add-on to Service Manager. Would it be possible to have a Create Incident task available in the My Incidents view?

  16. Werner De Kuyffer says:


    After loading the MP, the SCSM server has to be rebooted?


    • Anders Asp says:

      Nope – you only have to restart the Service Manager Console in order to see the new views.
      IF you have to restart your server in order to see the new views, it sounds like you haven’t enabled the SQL Broker on your ServiceManager database.

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