Exchange Connector 3.1 released

December 12, 2014 Posted by Anders Asp

A new version of the Exchange Connector for Service Manager has been released. This updated version fixes these bugs:

  • Exchange Connector sometimes create multiple work items against a single email request.
  • Exchange connector gets stuck processing e-mails when large e-mails containing complex HTML formatting are processed.
  • Exchange connector fails to process the emails if it contains a ‘.msg’ file as attachment.
  • Exchange Connector sometimes consume very high memory (several GBs) when updating Work Items.
  • A new User CI is created in CMDB, if an external user (who is not in CMDB) is a To/CC recipient in the email which Exchange Connector processes. With this senders can accidently add new users in the CMDB, if they add any external users in the To/CC of an email which they are sending to the Exchange Connector monitored mailbox. This behavior is now configurable.
  • Voting for a Review Activity using the Exchange connector does not update the “VotedBy” field in the Review Activity.
  • Exchange Connector adds a new reviewer in the Review Activity when a user who is not in reviewer’s list sends an email to approve/decline that particular Activity.

See this link for more information:

I’ve not tried it myself yet, so if you try it out and discover anything unsual, please drop a comment below!


4 Responses to Exchange Connector 3.1 released

  1. hari says:

    I have configures sm console in test server in Demalatirsed zone.

    In the sm server, i have logged as Domiain Admin.

    If i sent mail to help desk admin from my email address then case is raising the Service Manager console.

    But the case id is not coming Automatically int the Inbox.

    I have configured Subscription ,Email template, Notifications successfully.

    But the case id is not coming to Mail box.

    SCSM Community told, Work Flow account should have Permission to process the case id to send to the mail inbox.

    I dont know,what Permissions i have to assign.

    In the DMZ site, i have configured 3 servers.


    2)Exchange server 2013.


    Even am facing with a problem with Exchange Configuration 3.1

    Finally i have configured ScUtils connector,but the case id is not coming Automatically into the Inbox.

    I need Tremendous help for the above said issue.

    Because i have completed the SCSM upto 90%.

    The remaining 10% is pending.

    If its 100% done, then i will make it Production.

    If anyone take Teamviewer, that would be great.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Hari Haran.

  2. Anders Asp says:

    Hi Hari,
    So a new email is creating a new ticket, but the user raising the ticket is NOT getting an automatic reply back that the ticket has been created? If that’s so, it sounds like you’re notification channel is misconfigured, OR that your Exchange server isn’t allowing the SCSM server to relay properly. Have you talked to your Exhange guys?

    • hari says:

      Hi Andres,

      I struggled with this issue a lot. I have reimaged all the test servers. After 4 months again i started the SCSM implmentation. I have configued sccm,dpm without any issues. still the same issue occuring with exchange connector 3.1 configuration. There is no special team for exchange in my company. I have to handle everything.

      Please guide me on the same.

  3. Charle says:


    I am trying to configure exchange connector to my dev server but I I always cannot authenticate it.
    Unable to validate credentials, please refere to event logs for more info: Type=MissingMethodException, Message=Method not found: ‘Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.FindItemsResult’

    I have exchange server 2013 sp1 installed on the same machine.


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