New TechNet Gallery contribution – Affected Items Custom Control

March 8, 2015 Posted by Anders Asp

I just posted a new contribution to the TechNet Gallery. This time it’s a custom control called Affected Items which you can add to any of your Work Item forms to get a consistent way of adding Affected Items. The control also makes the relationship Required, which means that the Analyst will have to add at least one CI to the control in order to save the WI. Here’s some screenshots of how it can look when added to the form.



Service Request




For more information and to download the custom control, please head over to the TechNet Gallery at


3 Responses to New TechNet Gallery contribution – Affected Items Custom Control

  1. David Darling says:

    Hi Anders — this is great, thank you for posting. Question — We have various Status properties for Business Services (i.e. In Service, Out of Service, Decommissioned, etc.). Is it possible at all to have a similar “Add Service” button as you have here, but for a list of only “In Service” Business Services to be returned for our help desk staff to choose from?

  2. Would it be possable to get the source code to the AffectedItemCustomControl.dll? would like to add more buttons for other CI classes.

  3. Daniel Vivas says:

    Hi. Isnt about the blog, but i need your help.
    I have some incidents that not load in DWDataMart. Recently i changed the SCSM Console incident classification (DELETE OLD AND UPLOAD NEW CLASSIFICATIONS). I tried with Process all DW Jobs, Rebooted DW, Un
    I have executed this query and get the incidents that is not loading.
    select mainIR. Id_9A505725_E2F2_447F_271B_9B9F4F0D190C
    from [ServiceManager_1].[dbo].[MT_System$WorkItem$Incident] as mainIR
    left join dbo.IncidentDim as IR on mainIR.BaseManagedEntityId = IR.BaseManagedEntityId
    where ir.BaseManagedEntityId is null
    register – Register DW but not work.
    What i should do?

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