Cumulative Update 1 for SCSM SP1 just released

February 3, 2011 Posted by Anders Asp

The Cumulative Update 1 for Service Manager Sp1 were just released and contains the following fixes:

  • Extending a large-volume class hangs the console indefinitely
  • Adding 25th child item on a list results in an error
  • DW data loss for relationship fact tables with properties

Download it here:

I’ll install it as soon as possible and report any issues with it here.

Update: The installation went smoothly and no issues were discovered. The installation should only be performed on the Mgmt. and DW server.
Read more here:

4 Responses to Cumulative Update 1 for SCSM SP1 just released

  1. Hi,
    just wanted to let you know I have installed CU1 on three test systems and currently found no issues.
    Peter Forster | Microsoft MVP Virtual Machine | Austria
    MCITP:EA, SA, EST | MCTS VMM, SCOM | MCSE 2000/2003
    MCSA 2000/2003 | MCT | MVP 2010/2011

  2. David says:

    Hi Anders-

    We are currently testing SP1 to install in our production environment.

    We have discovered a huge issue with it, at least for our installation.

    As of SP1 a “change initiator” can no longer modify the “review” activities. I have tried, unsuccessfully to leave post on various forums as well as Microsoft Connect and nobody can give me an answer to why this was changed and if there is a work around. Can this be turned off?

    Do you have any ideas? We desperately need all the fixes in SP1 and this is holding us up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Anders Asp says:

    Hi David,

    Yeah, I think I saw your thread on the forums. Have you tried to workaround the issue by creating a new user role based upon a security role that is allowed to modify review activites and using queues to scope it down to only allow access to review activities? Beeing a member of that group + Change Initiators might do the trick.

    What’s the connect ID for this bug?

    • David says:

      Hi Anders-

      Thanks for your suggestion. We have tried just about every combination available. We created Change Mangers and removed all security settings and they were still able to update the entire change after it was submitted. We created change initiators with the activity role also, with no effect.

      The connect ID is 664698. I can’t really get a straight answer from anybody.

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