SCSM2012 Beta – SSP doesn´t show the content

November 4, 2011 Posted by Stefan Allansson

One of the big news in the SCSM2012 Beta is the new Self-Service Portal with the Service Catalog.

If you have installed it successfully, but can´t see anything when you click on the menus, maybe you have the same scenario that I had? This happens(or can happen) when you installs the SSP with a SSL certificate.

So if you have the same problem, it can look like this:

To solve it, open the IIS on the server where you installed the SSP.
Open Sites\Service Manager Portal and double click on Application Settings:

Double click on the Application Setting called SMPortal_WebContentServer_URL:

Under Value, change the server name to FQDN.

Go to your SSP again and refresh the site. Now you will hopefully see the content:

22 Responses to SCSM2012 Beta – SSP doesn´t show the content

  1. Dale Kiefer says:

    Thanks for the post – I was having this problem and this solved the initial problem.

    However, now I’m having what appears to be the same problem after creating a request offering. When I click on my service offering, it takes me to the next page with the request offering. This works. However, when I click on my request offering, then it takes me to the same blank silverlight page. The same occurs when I click on “Create a Request” button on the home page. Basically it seems to occur with any request offerings.

    Any thoughts?

    • Stefan Allansson says:

      Hi Dale!
      i´m sorry, I haven´t been able to recreate your problem.
      I´ll let you know if I find something out.

  2. Dan_MS says:

    This did not worked for me.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Did not work for me.
    not running SSL
    Running SQL on 1 server
    Running Service manager and content server on 1 server
    Running Webparts/shareopoint on 1 server
    no SSL
    No error in SSP,just no content…

    used FQDN btw

  4. Travis Garrison says:

    FYI – After installing SSP as non-SSL, you must go back and reconfigure the site to support SSL. We just found out that if we use the SSL site, everything works, if we use the non-SSL site, nothing shows up.

    • Marcio Norberto dos Santos says:

      Hi, Travis,

      In my case I have SSL and do not work too. There’s something else that we can try?


      Marcio Norberto

  5. Flávio Santos says:

    This did not worked for me too.

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  7. Mark C says:

    Nice catch, this fixed me right up!

  8. Washington Andrade says:

    hELLO I have a similar problem, do not show me the offer of service but with the user administrator to service manager does. With the other user does not show any category or service offering. Any idea that might be?

    Service Manager 2012
    No SSL

  9. Great blog.. I have referred you in my post as well.. There are still folks who may have issues in SCSM not showing the Service Requests. I have collated solutions from some great minds. Let me know if this helps.
    Please leave a comment if your issue is still not resolved. I will try to repro it and come up with some fix

  10. Rob Mulder says:

    So there are two separate sites for this??
    SCCM creates a site CMApplicationCatalog under Default Web Site. Opening this looks exactly like the Self Service Portal….

  11. Rob Mulder says:

    don’t read my last post… I was a little confused…;)

  12. celia says:

    In the internal network I can see the self-service Portal and the content in the menus, but I want to publish the self-service portal in Internet, in order the users in branch offices can use it from Internet, the problem is that when I published the self-service portal in Internet, i can access to self-service portal but can´t see anything when you click on the menus, I am publishing the portal with Forefront UAG.

  13. Ankit Jain says:

    This solution did not work for me.
    I have database on 1 server
    web content server on 1 server
    ssp on 1 server

    i have used fqdn as u suggested

    there is something else that can resolve my problem. please suggest

  14. Stefan Magnusson says:

    Hi, we’ve encountered a slightly different issue, where our Remote Desktop Server hosts got blank content, but our workstations got the content. The problem was that our RDSs are in another network with limited ports opened (we had http and https opened though). We resolved it by open up the firewall on port 444 (content web server port) from our RDS network to the SMPortal host.

    Great blog, Stefan!

  15. Rose says:


    I have same issue, my SM Portal is blank even I made already what you did except that I did not used SSL my port is 8081, still the issue is not fix 🙁

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