SCSM2012 Beta – SSP doesn´t show the content

November 4, 2011 Posted by Stefan Allansson

One of the big news in the SCSM2012 Beta is the new Self-Service Portal with the Service Catalog.

If you have installed it successfully, but can´t see anything when you click on the menus, maybe you have the same scenario that I had? This happens(or can happen) when you installs the SSP with a SSL certificate.

So if you have the same problem, it can look like this:

To solve it, open the IIS on the server where you installed the SSP.
Open Sites\Service Manager Portal and double click on Application Settings:

Double click on the Application Setting called SMPortal_WebContentServer_URL:

Under Value, change the server name to FQDN.

Go to your SSP again and refresh the site. Now you will hopefully see the content:

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