SCSM2012 Beta – One more “minor” important news

November 9, 2011 Posted by Stefan Allansson

Anders has wrote about two “minor” important news in SCSM2012 earlier and here is one more.

I will say this has been a pretty huge problem to many of us that doesn´t have english as the first language.
Okay, I prefer English in my console, some of my customers prefer English and some of them Swedish.
The problem in SCSM2010 is that you can´t choose language for the console, it gets the language that you have choosed for your operating system.

In SCSM2012 we now can choose from 20 other languages than English directly from the SCSM console!

Here is a snapshot how it can look like in the English version:

Now we can easily change it in the menu under Language:

If I for example choose Swedish, I will get this windows that tells me to reboot the console to change the language:

After the reboot of the console we can see that it now has the Swedish language:

And this is how it looks like when the console is in Swedish.
I Understand that many of you don´t understand the swedish translation but hopefully you can find your own language in the list 🙂

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