Error when opening a Knowledge Article from the SSP

April 23, 2012 Posted by Anders Asp

Are you getting this error message when trying to open Knowledge Articles from the SSP?

This can be resolved quite easy by editing the Web.config file that’s located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\System Center Service Manager Portal\ContentHost on the server that’s hosting the SSP. At the bottom of this file there is line just like this:

<add key=”ContentHostAbsoluteUri” value=”https://SRV011:443/ContentHost” />

… and in order to get this to work, you will have to make sure that the servername is specified using the FQDN of the server, just like this:

<add key=”ContentHostAbsoluteUri” value=”” />

Edit the line and save the file, then restart your browser and it should be working properly. (Please note that SRV011 is the name of my labserver; your file will include the name of your server.)

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