Application Approval Workflow (AAW)

May 3, 2012 Posted by Anders Asp

I just wanted to inform that the AAW Solutions Accelerator now is available for download on Microsoft:

What is AAW?
(text borrowed from Microsoft)

The Application Approval Workflow (AAW) extends your application approval process. End users can easily request applications on-demand directly through the Configuration Manager Application Catalog or via redirection from the Service Manager Self-Service Portal. Application requests requiring approval are routed to Service Manager where custom approver lists and activities can be configured based on user and application properties.

AAW uses System Center 2012 – Orchestrator between Configuration Manager and Service Manager to sync Configuration Manager applications, leverage Service Manager workflows, and post the approval status back to Configuration Manager. We created wizards in Service Manager to configure custom service request template-matching criteria. User and application properties received in the approval request from Configuration Manager are used to select a service request template containing an approver list and activities that best fit your business process.

Key features:

  • Sync Configuration Manager applications data into the Service Manager database.
  • Monitor and transport Configuration Manager Application Catalog requests requiring approval to Service Manager and open a service request.
  • Return the completed approval workflow status to Configuration Manager for handling.
  • Allow administrators to define and maintain application selection criteria for specific applications or application groups and specific users or user groups.
  • Track service application requests and view application catalog contents in Service Manager.

Read more on the official blog:

2 Responses to Application Approval Workflow (AAW)

  1. j says:


    I know this post is a couple years old, do you know if AAW is still a viable solution for application approval through SCSM, SCO and SCCM? I’ve heard various things such as AAW will no logner be supported at Microsoft, and that there is an AAW built into the SCCM SDK.


    • Anders Asp says:


      Yes, the Microsoft Solutions Accelerator teams were disbanded a while ago, and the AAW is no longer supported or updated by Microsoft. You can create the same functionallity yourself using the SCSM SSP and SCO though.

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